Special Events

On September 18th, from 7pm-1am, we will be hosting a 6 hour worship and prayer BURN with a treasure hunt!

We will have a “Treasure Hunt” from 8:30-10pm led by Artem Abramov. Artem will lead an info meeting from 6:30-7pm on that Friday Sept. 18th located in the church office. At the info meeting Artem will explain how treasure hunts work and groups of 2-3 will be formed. Sign up to be involved!

What to expect at a BURN:

-Non-stop live worship sets: Teams of worshipers, musicians, artists and intercessors fill 1-2 hour blocks to worship, pray and create.

-Prayer/Intercession: There will be an assigned Prayer Leader who will lead those in attendance in specific prayer points at specific times.

-Vertical Worship: The purpose of the Burn is to minister to the Lord and create an atmosphere for encounter. Typically, the Worship Leader will not engage those in attendance as a normal corporate setting. You will often experience worshipers journaling, studying, praying, painting as well as singing along with the worship teams.

-Spontaneous/Prophetic: Much of the worship will be creative, spontaneous and prophetic songs and melodies (Psalm 96).

-The Arts and Creativity: Our desire is to create an atmosphere where high levels of creativity can come forth. You will often see painters, dancers, and writers creating during the Burn. We often set up art stations for people to express their worship through creative mediums.

About Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunts incorporate the use of words of knowledge (clues) that you write on your Treasure Map to find Treasures (people) who need a supernatural encounter with God through an encouraging prophetic word or healing. This is not about preaching or arguing with people, but rather giving them a practical demonstration of the goodness of God. Treasure hunts are a great tool for those who have felt intimidated by witnessing to family members, friends, co-workers, and those in the community. Through this fun and easy method you become empowered with confidence and competence to bring supernatural encounters to people around you. Through treasure hunts you can become a world changer, transforming your


The exciting UCI Road World Championships will greatly impact our city between September 19-27.

HRC will make the following schedule changes due to the bike race:







There will be over 400,000 cycling enthusiasts and spectators in Richmond during this race week in September. Many will be traveling from all over the world to come and support their favorite cyclists and teams.

Look for details that are coming about how Harvest, as a body of Kingdom-minded believers, can participate in this opportunity for outreach, which is literally right at our front door all during race week!  West Franklin Street is on the race route from the Downtown start and finish lines and Monroe Park is one of the designated viewing areas.


Reoccurring Events

Monday evenings- Prayer and Healing Rooms: Each Monday from 5-8p.m. we have Prayer and Healing rooms open to the public at 822 W Franklin Street. Live Intercessory worship from 6:30-8pm worshiping and praying to advance The Kingdom in our own lives, our church body and in the city in which we live. For more information click: Prayer

Tuesday Evenings - School of Ministry  Each Tuesday evening at 6:30PM we offer courses through our School of Ministry.  You can find a full class list and registration form by visiting our School of Ministry page here.

Alternate Saturday Mornings – Baruch Food Ministries Every other Saturday from 11:30AM-1:30PM, Everyone is welcome to come and get a bag of groceries for $6.  There is no income requirements or restrictions – feel free to purchase one for yourself or for someone you know who could be blessed by this. Please check the calendar to find what Saturdays we will be providing this service.

Our events are open to everyone -if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call our church office at 804-353-2997 or email our office at hrcinfo@harvestrenewal.org.