About Us

The Mission of Harvest Renewal church is to live out the Kingdom of God by Encountering God, Equipping the Believer and Engaging others around us with the love of Christ.

  • God’s presence is a priority
  • Reaching the next generation
  • Nurturing and valuing family
  • Discipling and Releasing Kingdom Leaders
  • Lights in Dark Places
  • Church Planting and Missions

Our vision is to carry a move of God for Richmond and beyond as we love God, love others and embrace His Kingdom

Our Values

1). Understanding and Living Kingdom Culture

We will engage the life of the Kingdom to affect our day to day lives. Jesus declared “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”  This was a declaration of “Good News! Change your mind! The Father’s government, rule and dominion are right next to you.”  We seek to understand and have our thinking transformed (Romans 12:2)​ to this reality, so our lives reflect His Kingdom in thought and action. ​ ​

2). Honoring His Presence

We will honor God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit as three unique individuals who are unified in relationship with each other.  We are created to be in relationship with them as Jesus declared in John 17:21. As we honor God, we will engage His Presence relationally and intimately over our agenda, liturgy or expectation.

3). Restoration back to original design 

We pursue the restoration of spirit, soul and body. God made man to walk with Him, but sin came and separated us from the Father.  We believe that through Christ, the Father’s purpose is to restore people first with a reborn spirit and that results in healing of soul and body.

4). Father’s Heart

We pursue God who has revealed Himself through Christ as the loving Father.  As we set our affections on Him, we encounter the depth of His acceptance and become secure. Through intimacy with Him we walk out our full identity as sons with all its blessings and responsibilities.